Technology Procurement

Prosift specializes in managing the “4 pillars” of global procurement – people, process, technology and supply chain by providing the most efficient and prudent procurement solutions for technology-related products and services.
Our objective is to give the highest-quality services to our clients while maintaining the most competitive prices. We have a team of experienced professionals who are well-versed in all elements of technology acquisition and have the resources to provide diverse goods and services.
Our expertise fulfills the needs arising from new business models leveraging Supplier Innovation to create international growth with suitable Sourcing Model. We excel in Product sourcing, procurement, contract negotiation, project planning, execution and customer support with credible experience in technological asset management, merchandise, service delivery and vendor relations.
Our strengths include Strengthening Cross-Functional Collaboration, developing the best human skills leveraging AI and Digital Data for increased Efficiency and Performance, building a Low-Cost Back-Office for tactical activities and data exploitation creating the most effective Digital Technology Procurement Roadmap.
Prosift takes pride in developing Adequate Mitigation Plan to Ensure Business Continuity implementing proven Sustainable Procurement Programs offering comprehensive and tailored solutions to fulfill any clients' requirements.